Why Marriages Fail

Dr Rob Dobrenski of Shrink Talk has an abso­lutely fant­ast­ic post on reas­ons why mar­riages fail. These are the sev­en he felt worthy of note:

  1. Mar­riage requires com­pat­ib­il­ity not just at the point of say­ing ‘I do,’ but across the entire life span.
  2. Assum­ing that mar­riage implies mono­gamy, the insti­tu­tion itself is coun­ter­in­tu­it­ive to bio­logy.
  3. There is far too much emphas­is on ‘wed­dings’ as opposed to ‘mar­riages.’
  4. Many couples do not know how to fight fairly.
  5. Mar­riages [don’t] solve prob­lems.
  6. People settle for less than what they want.
  7. Couples assume they are immune to reas­ons 1–6 and believe that hard work isn’t part of the deal. They think that love, sex, chil­dren or some com­bin­a­tion there­of will be enough.

On the top­ic of mar­riage I found this recapit­u­la­tion of John Mol­loy’s Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Oth­ers inter­est­ing (and a little ridicu­lous).