10 Design Commandments

The 10 com­mand­ments of design , as set forth by Dieter Rams:

Good design…

  • is innov­at­ive
  • makes a product use­ful
  • is aes­thet­ic
  • helps a product to be under­stood
  • is unob­trus­ive
  • is hon­est
  • is dur­able
  • is thor­ough to the last detail
  • is con­cerned with the envir­on­ment
  • is as little design as pos­sible

As Jason points out, Rams is the design­er behind many Braun products and has described his design approach as “less, but bet­ter”.

He’s also the influ­ence behind much of Jonath­an Ive’s work for Apple.

via Kot­tke