Visualising the News (The Guardian & New York Times APIs)

The New York Times Developer Net­work is the media out­let’s “API clear­ing­house” offer­ing details of how you can get access to the extens­ive data they have released (from stor­ies dat­ing back to 1981).

Using this API, Jer Thorp has cre­ated some visu­al­isa­tions of NYT trends using Pro­cessing (a lan­guage I keep prom­ising to take a ser­i­ous look at). Two of my favour­ites: the fre­quency of the words ‘com­mun­ism’ and ‘ter­ror­ism’ in NYT art­icles since 1981, and an abstract visu­al­isa­tion of the occur­rence of the term ‘organ­ic’.

Hot on the heels of The New York Times, The Guard­i­an announced yes­ter­day the release of their Open Plat­form which allows access to data from full-text art­icles back to 1999. The Open Plat­form con­sists of the Con­tent API and the Data Store. Jer Thorp has already com­piled a brief intro­duc­tion to The Guard­i­an’s API and has cre­ated a few early visu­al­isa­tions.

Also: Carl Mor­ris on what this is all about and why it’s excit­ing and import­ant.

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