The Problem With Printers

Not every­one agrees with the devel­op­ment philo­sophies of 37signals, but you can­’t deny that they do have some ideas that are spot-on. This, for example, on print­ers and why they are so damn annoy­ing:

Buy­ing a print­er remains the last con­fus­ing part of mod­ern com­put­ing. […]

What makes this an even tough­er choice is that the products look so dif­fer­ent and yet so sim­il­ar. They’re all either black, white, or grey. They’re all roughly the same size, They’re all roughly the same shape. But they still look so dif­fer­ent. […]

Sounds like an industry await­ing a revolu­tion.

I could­n’t agree more.