Two Reasons to Travel (Rational and Emotional)

These two stor­ies have had a power­ful effect on me:

Why eco­nom­ist Alex Tabar­rok (of Mar­gin­al Revolu­tion) decided to travel to Machu Pic­chu spon­tan­eously:

At lunch with Bry­an and Tyler last week the ques­tion arose as to what we would do dif­fer­ently if we were immor­tal.  […]  I answered that I would travel more.

Later the ques­tion was asked, what would you do dif­fer­ently if you found out you had only a short time to live.  I answered again that I would travel more.  […] I real­ized there was a problem.  Giv­en that I would travel more if I was to live either less or more the prob­ab­il­ity that I was at just that level of mor­tal­ity that I should not be trav­el­ing now must be van­ish­ingly small.

I leave for a solo trek to Machu Pic­chu July 25.

Why Ben Cor­man (of Rudi­us Media) is stay­ing in Panama longer than ini­tially anti­cip­ated:

I don’t know why I’m doing this. Cer­tainly not because it’s easy. We run out of everything here. […] And now it’s rained for five days straight. […] Para­dise is start­ing to feel like a pris­on cell.

But giv­en the chance to spend three months liv­ing in Panama, how could I say no? I’d spend the rest of my life won­der­ing what I’d missed.

[…] If you’re the kind of per­son who feels uncom­fort­able in busi­ness cas­u­al and spends every second of sit­ting behind a desk wish­ing, des­per­ately for some­thing, any­thing else, then there really isn’t a choice. Some people make it work. Some people can find the happy medi­um between who they are dur­ing their work week and who they are out­side of it. I’d prob­ably be a hap­pi­er per­son if I’d found that bal­ance but in 31 years, it’s eluded me every step of the way. Instead of buck­ling down and doing whatever I’m sup­posed to be, I’m always run­ning off to do whatever I want.

And so I guess that’s why I’m here. In the end I didn’t really have a choice.

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  1. greg

    This *is* a great art­icle. Espe­cially for a grad stu­dent plan­ning a post gradu­ation solo trip around the world. It’s nice to have this per­spect­ive.

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