Ira Glass on Effective Storytelling

Ira Glass is a mas­ter storyteller, as any­one who has ever listened to This Amer­ic­an Life can attest. Below, in a series of occa­sion­ally hil­ari­ous videos and art­icles, Ira reveals his secrets of effect­ive storytelling: from how to tell when a story isn’t work­ing, to turn­ing the cre­at­ive pro­cess into a pol­ished, fin­ished product.

The 13 prin­ciples to cre­at­ing “more, bet­ter radio”, from a 1998 lec­ture

Three-part ‘mani­festo’ on storytelling and work­ing in radio, from 2004

Ira’s fant­ast­ic speech at Gel (32:25)

Four-part inter­view series:

(Mostly) via Kot­tke (1, 2)

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