From Evanomics to Stephanomics: The Blog of the BBC’s Economics Editor

While Evan Dav­is was eco­nom­ics edit­or for the BBC he wrote the excel­lent Evanom­ics—a blog in which he attemp­ted to “under­stand the real world, using the tool kit of eco­nom­ics”.

When he tem­por­ar­ily stepped down from this role in March 2008 (for a year­long sab­bat­ic­al) Evanom­ics was sorely missed and his replace­ment, Stephanie Flanders, did­n’t resur­rect the blog in a new form. Until now.

As Evan sug­ges­ted in his final post, the blog is called ‘Stephanom­ics’ and is being billed as a “dis­cus­sion of the UK eco­nomy, how it relates to the rest of the world, and how it affects us all”.

Required read­ing for all those inter­ested in eco­nom­ics in the UK.