Work on Stuff that Matters

Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media, implores busi­ness own­ers (and every­one else) not to fol­low the money, but to ‘work on stuff that mat­ters’ by fol­low­ing these three prin­ciples:

  1. Work on some­thing that mat­ters to you more than money
  2. Cre­ate more value than you cap­ture
  3. Take the long view

I want to make clear that ‘work on stuff that mat­ters’ does not mean focus­ing on non-profit work, causes, or any oth­er form of ‘do-good­ism.’ Non-profit pro­jects often do mat­ter a great deal, and people with tech skills can make import­ant con­tri­bu­tions, but it’s essen­tial to get bey­ond that nar­row box. I’m a strong believ­er in the social value of busi­ness done right. We need to build an eco­nomy in which the import­ant things are paid for in self-sus­tain­ing ways rather than as char­it­ies to be fun­ded out of the good­ness of our hearts.

via Kot­tke