Executing Your Idea

Seri­al entre­pren­eur Alex Mann implores us to take action, in this series of posts on execut­ing your busi­ness idea:

  1. Be An Exe­cu­tion­er
  2. Who’s Your Mar­ket
  3. Build­ing Your Team
  4. Gain­ing Momentum
  5. Devel­op Your Moat

As Alex reit­er­ates in Gain­ing Momentum, this advice that ori­gin­ally appeared in the com­ments sec­tion of the intro­duc­tion (writ­ten by friend and mil­lion­aire entre­pren­eur Derek Sivers) is import­ant, if not imper­at­ive:

MAKE it, even if you don’t have the massive pro­gram­ming-skill avail­able, then make a super lo-fi or no-fi ver­sion and just get star­ted with a couple friends and volun­teers.

It’s SO much more impress­ive to hear someone say, “There’s this thing that I’ve star­ted doing that a lot of people seem to like.”

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