Advice on Being a Consultant

Con­sult­ant Steve Friedl offers some fant­ast­ic advice on being a con­sult­ant. I found this com­ment inter­est­ing:

I pur­posely put the tech­nic­al part of this Tech Tip last, to rein­force the notion that “cus­tom­er ser­vice”, not “com­puter sci­ence” skills are the biggest factors in a suc­cess­ful con­sult­ing prac­tice. But it’s fool­ish to think that tech­nic­al skills don’t mat­ter: you don’t have a busi­ness unless you can offer a ser­vice that a cus­tom­er is will­ing to buy.

What counts here is truly learn­ing the sub­ject mat­ter.