On Wealth

When the Wall Street Journ­al colum­nist Jason Zweig was accused of being “a coddled mem­ber of the sil­ver-spoon gen­er­a­tion” he decided to con­front the accus­a­tion by retell­ing tales from his less-than-priv­ileged upbring­ing. In doing so, how­ever, he made some poignant remarks about wealth:

The most import­ant les­son that I learned, I believe, is that money is not wealth. Ben­jamin Gra­ham once wrote that the secret to hap­pi­ness is learn­ing to live well with­in your means. Did he mean to “live well” with­in your means, or to live “well with­in” your means? I think he inten­tion­ally left the sen­tence ambigu­ous.

Money should nev­er be taken for gran­ted. Its uses are lim­ited, but it is not a renew­able resource; it is finite. And finite resources — love, water, the Earth and, yes, money — are meant to be stew­ar­ded and treated with care.

via Kot­tke