Advice for Potential Graduate Students (and Employees)

Poignant advice for poten­tial gradu­ate stu­dents (ori­gin­ally by the Johnsen Lab, Duke Uni­ver­sity).

Finally, have your fun now. Five years is a long time when you are 23 years old. By the end of gradu­ate school, you will be older, slower, and pos­sibly mar­ried and/or a par­ent. So if you always wanted to walk across Nepal, do it now. Also, do not go to a high-powered lab that you hate assum­ing that this will prom­ise you long-term hap­pi­ness. Deferred grat­i­fic­a­tion has its lim­its. Do some­thing that you have pas­sion for, work in a lab you like, in a place you like, before life starts throw­ing its many curve balls. Your career will mostly take care of itself, but you can’t get your youth back.

Even though the advice is writ­ten with the lab stu­dent in mind, I believe that the advice can eas­ily be applied to everyone’s life.

via Seed