Higher IQ = Longer Life

Accord­ing to Lab Notes, new research is sug­gest­ing that a high­er IQ is an indic­a­tion that you may live a longer life.

A num­ber of recent stud­ies have been find­ing that people who score lower on intel­li­gence tests (notice how care­ful I am not to say “smarter people”) tend to die earli­er than those who score high­er. The effect does­n’t seem to arise from socioeco­nom­ic factors (well-off people score high­er on IQ tests and also tend to be health­i­er), leav­ing sci­ent­ists to reach for hypo­theses. Maybe high-IQ people smoke less? eat health­i­er? fol­low doc­tors’ advice more?

Now a new study, repor­ted in the Septem­ber issue of the journ­al Psy­cho­lo­gic­al Sci­ence, finds an even more intriguing con­nec­tion.

via Seed