Startups and Bad Economies

Two weeks ago the renowned VC firm Sequoia Cap­it­al gave their port­fo­lio CEOs a present­a­tion on how star­tups should deal with the bad eco­nomy. In the present­a­tion, the “entre­pren­eurs behind the entre­pren­eurs” gave some good advice any star­tup should fol­low in good and bad times (for example, “spend every dol­lar as if it were your last”).

In reply, Sil­ic­on Alley Insider pro­duced a present­a­tion which, while a par­ody, also has some great advice hid­den with­in.

Of course, there are still many good reas­ons why you should start a star­tup in a bad eco­nomy.

via I Will teach You To Be Rich