The Evolution of Language

Bar­tleby, the free (as in beer) ‘Inter­net pub­lish­er’, has avail­able a fas­cin­at­ing graph­ic depict­ing the evol­u­tion of lan­guage (all those stem­ming from the single Proto-Indo-European lan­guage, any­way).

Now I know the his­tor­ic route of my nat­ive tongue (as opposed to my cradle tongue), Welsh: it’s closest ‘rel­at­ives’ are Cornish and Bre­ton (in that order) as they are all Brython­ic lan­guages that in turn stem from Insu­lar Celt­ic.

Update: It appears the ori­gin­al has been removed/taken down. I’ve updated the link above to point to a loc­al copy.