Best Book Ever Written for Entrepreneurs

Paul Allen (the less­er) ini­ti­ates a dis­cus­sion on the best book ever writ­ten for entre­pren­eurs.

It starts by say­ing that Guy Kawasaki’s infam­ous The Art of the Start is a must-read, but goes on to extol the vir­tues of Richard White’s 1977 book The Entrepreneur’s Manu­al; an, unfor­tu­nately, out-of-print book with many unique ideas.

The article’s com­ments also praise Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth Revis­ited, a book I’ve seen men­tioned a lot lately (Joel Spol­sky in today’s pre­vi­ous post and the Tim Ferris–Derek Sivers inter­view to name just two).