Days with My Father

Phil­lip Toledano doc­u­ments his struggle deal­ing with his father’s demen­tia fol­low­ing the death of his moth­er in his touch­ing and beau­ti­fully craf­ted photo-series, Days with My Fath­er. This quote from Shape and Col­our says what I’m think­ing more elo­quently than I ever could.

It takes a real artist to know when some­thing is spe­cial enough to simply be doc­u­mented, and not neces­sar­ily explored or extra­pol­ated on. To give some­thing room to breathe and hold it’s own based only on the fact that you’ve found the strength to share it. I don’t take it lightly when artists take their most per­son­al moments and reveal them to me, trust­ing that hope­fully the cycle of cre­at­or and receiv­er will nur­ture us both. There’s some­thing del­ic­ate and tenu­ous in the act of let­ting your story go in the desire that it will mean as much to a stranger as it does to you.

via Kot­tke