The Personal MBA Book List

The Per­son­al MBA is a site ded­ic­ated to help­ing people gain an MBA edu­ca­tion without the expense of busi­ness school. It’s a self-study guide to advanced busi­ness top­ics and con­cepts. As Kev­in Kelly—the found­ing exec­ut­ive dir­ect­or of Wired—says:

No mat­ter what they tell you, an MBA is not essen­tial for land­ing or hand­ling a good busi­ness job… Pur­sue your own Per­son­al MBA in tan­dem with actu­al exper­i­ence doing some kind of busi­ness. If you com­bine study with actu­ally try­ing stuff, you’ll be far ahead in the busi­ness game.

An impress­ive intro­duc­tion comes in the form of the Change This Mani­festo, and one of my favour­ite pages on the site is the book list: The 99 Best Busi­ness Books.