Start-Ups Are Where You Want to Be

I sup­pose you could call Ooga Labs a con­glom­er­ate of start-ups. On their ‘About’ page they give a com­pel­ling argu­ment to join their com­pany, but more enti­cing is the open let­ter from their CEO implor­ing every­one to avoid the prestige (hype?) of big com­pan­ies and do some­thing entre­pren­eur­i­al.

So you’re going to take a cube job[…]?

C’mon! Do you want spend all of your life wear­ing mod­est habits of char­coal grey, driv­ing your Volvo on the salty roads of the drab East Coast, pay­ing 50% of your earn­ings to taxes, and hanging out with nar­row minded people, con­grat­u­lat­ing yourselves on improv­ing a fea­ture of a wid­get of ver­sion 12.1b.4 of some soft­ware, or maybe improv­ing the fin­an­cial return of some rich bald dude in Green­wich, CT by 0.2% above the S&P Index?

Has no one taken you aside and said, “Wait! You’re about to waste 10 years of your life fig­ur­ing out the path you chose out of col­lege is crap!”