Letting Go of Love

Worldly advice from Ask Meta­Fil­ter.

How do you let go of love? […] For an added level of dif­fi­culty, this is a rela­tion­ship that you don’t really have any bad memor­ies of, so you can’t use those to change the dir­ec­tion of your thoughts.

One piece of advice from me? Ori­gin­ally writ­ten as advice on pur­ging book clut­ter, this is a pro­found state­ment that has already helped me in many areas of my life:

De-clut­ter­ing involves recog­niz­ing that regret is part of life, and being OK with that. Yes, I’ve giv­en away books that I now often wish I still owned. But I’ve also screwed up rela­tion­ships, made iffy career choices, etc. — you suck it up and move on. If you try to cling to every single thing (mater­i­al, spir­itu­al, or emo­tion­al) that you might need one day in the totally hypo­thet­ic­al future, you’re going to end up bogged down in a lot of stuff.

via Life­hack­er