Thinkers 50 – More Influential Thinkers

Thinkers 50 is a bien­ni­al poll to find the 50 most influ­en­tial busi­ness and man­age­ment thinkers in the world. The fol­low­ing factors are used to rank the short-list:

  • Ori­gin­al­ity of Ideas
  • Prac­tic­al­ity of Ideas
  • Present­a­tion Style
  • Writ­ten Com­mu­nic­a­tion
  • Loy­alty of Fol­low­ers
  • Busi­ness Sense
  • Inter­na­tion­al Out­look
  • Rigour of Research
  • Impact of Ideas
  • Guru Factor

Since its incep­tion, 32 people have con­sist­ently appeared in the list.