The Better Idea

Since read­ing Ram­it’s The Myth of the Great Idea over two and a half years ago, I’ve been tinker­ing with the idea. How­ever, it’s always the simplest things that win-out in the end.

The myth of The Great Idea is a dan­ger­ous one. It makes you con­stantly search and search for some­thing that you’ll prob­ably nev­er find. […] Suc­cess almost nev­er comes from a mind-blow­ing idea, so sit­ting around try­ing to find one is a waste of time. Suc­cess comes from a basic idea executed amaz­ingly well. Ideas are rarely found by think­ing. They’re found by doing.

The Great Idea is a myth; you want the Bet­ter Idea.

Mark Zuker­berg made a bet­ter MySpace; Sergey Brin and Larry Page made a bet­ter [Altavista/Yahoo! Search/Microsoft Live/Hotmail]; Rick Brew­ster made a bet­ter MS Paint; the list goes on.

Look­ing at things with a crit­ic­al eye, if you find your­self say­ing ‘I could make a bet­ter one of these’… what’s stop­ping you?