Knowing When To Quit

The Intrep­id Mom­pren­eur left a big law firm after 3 years to launch her own busi­ness; has left a mar­riage with two kids; and walked away from her own mil­lion dol­lar a year law busi­ness. Now she’s telling us how to know when it’s time to leave:

  1. The pain of stay­ing is great­er than the poten­tial pain of leav­ing
  2. You are stay­ing for the oth­er per­son because it makes them happy (or you believe it does)
  3. The pain you are avoid­ing by not leav­ing is the guilt you’ll feel by leav­ing
  4. You’ve resigned your­self to a life without sex and decided your kids’ hap­pi­ness is more import­ant than your sex life
  5. You are stay­ing because you “should” be happy, but you aren’t.

In 4, sub­sti­tute “sex” and “kids’ hap­pi­ness” for some­thing more fit­ting to the situ­ation you’re con­sid­er­ing. The rest, I would keep the same.