What’s Your Sign Name?

BBC Ouch! on the strange gift of sign lan­guage names.

When a sign name is giv­en to you, it’s spe­cial. A bit like los­ing your deaf vir­gin­ity. It’s thought up after an intense peri­od of obser­va­tion, when people have worked out firstly wheth­er they like you enough to give you one (a sign name, that is), and they’ve taken all your habits and man­ner­isms into account to find a name that best sums you up.

Giv­en examples are Hand-Rub­ber, Waffle and Splash­er.

via Mind Hacks

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Sign Name?

  1. Bill

    this might be over stat­ing the thought pro­cess of sign names a bit.… it is true in some cases, but not all.

    my sign name did come after I got to know this deaf dude I was work­ing with, but what he did only came about because I used to wear an ear­ring in my left ear— thus the sign name was the let­ter B (open flat hand point­ing up with the thumb tucked into the palm) and brush­ing under the left ear lobe a couple of times.

    I saw this a lot– the first let­ter of a per­son’s name being com­bined with some­thing about appear­ance.

    it’s just a nick­name, not really a big deal.

  2. Aaden

    a name sign or sign name is a gift u dont just make one up mine is an a brushed on the right sode of the chin first and then brushed on the left so basic­ally twin my broth­er alec on the oth­er hand his name sign is an a held up and shaken like a mir­ror mean­ing mir­ror its a joke between us and our friends since we’re mir­ror image twins and since we hang out in a mainly deaf comunity every­one else finds it com­pletely halari­ous as do i

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