White Privilege

White Priv­ilege: Unpack­ing the Invis­ible Knap­sack, is an art­icle by Peggy McIn­tosh on the invis­ible priv­ileges of being white.

I was taught to see racism only in indi­vidu­al acts of mean­ness, not in invis­ible sys­tems con­fer­ring dom­in­ance on my group.

  • I can do well in a chal­len­ging situ­ation without being called a cred­it to my race.
  • I can cri­ti­cize our gov­ern­ment and talk about how much I fear its policies and beha­vi­or without being seen as a cul­tur­al out­sider.
  • I can worry about racism without being seen as self-inter­ested or self-seek­ing.