Top 50 Productivity Blogs

The Top 50 Pro­ductiv­ity Blogs is one of those lists that I love to hate. It’s so use­ful and con­tains a wealth of extraordin­ary resources, but at the same time will tem­por­ar­ily ruin my pro­ductiv­ity as I scour through the archives of the men­tioned blogs look­ing for said resources.

3 thoughts on “Top 50 Productivity Blogs

  1. Cory

    I know, it hap­pens to me all the time. The Web itself is both a source of pro­ductiv­ity gains and a thing that ruins everything. I work in the Inter­net mostly and some­times I just can’t help surf­ing it for curi­ous things, that have noth­ing to do with my pro­ject. This is what I hate. Then, on the oth­er hand, the Web gave me the best pro­ductiv­ity app I’ve had in my life. Ooops, here I am, wast­ing my time again!..

  2. nick

    Good point. Spend­ing too much time read­ing blogs on how to be pro­duct­ive isn’t very pro­duct­ive at all.

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