Mental Math and Memory Techniques at the Mentat Wiki

In the nov­el Dune, ‘Men­tats’ are humans trained to mim­ic com­puters: human minds developed to stag­ger­ing heights of cog­nit­ive and ana­lyt­ic­al abil­ity.

With this in mind, you may be able to guess what’s in store at the Men­tat Wiki, which calls itself “a col­lab­or­at­ive envir­on­ment for explor­ing ways to become a bet­ter thinker”:

‘Men­tal Math’ teaches you how to cube and cube-root num­bers in your head (and fifth roots), while one memory tech­nique presen­ted teaches you to hold a per­petu­al cal­en­dar in your head (what day did/will a cer­tain date fall on?).

Cer­tainly gets those brain cells work­ing again.