Writing a Novel – The Snowflake Method

I’ve star­ted writ­ing a nov­el. I don’t have ideas of grandeur or dreams of retir­ing from nov­el roy­al­ties; I write because I enjoy doing so and because I find it thera­peut­ic. Still, it’s nice to pro­duce legible prose and to do so requires at least a bit of forethought.That’s where The Snow­flake Meth­od comes into play.

Good fic­tion doesn’t just hap­pen, it is designed. You can do the design work before or after you write your nov­el. I’ve done it both ways and I strongly believe that doing it first is quick­er and leads to a bet­ter res­ult. Design is hard work, so it’s import­ant to find a guid­ing prin­ciple early on. This art­icle will give you a power­ful meta­phor to guide your design.

Our fun­da­ment­al ques­tion is this: How do you design a nov­el?

Thanks Andy