100 Items or Less

No, it’s not the new check­out lane at the super­mar­ket, but Dave Bruno’s pur­ging goal (sum­mary):

And hon­estly, it is dif­fi­cult to purge.  What goes?  That is a hard decision.  But I have an idea.  A spon­tan­eous idea that might change my life forever.  I’m call­ing it the 100 Thing Challenge.  And I’m tak­ing it.

“Things are to be used.  People are to be loved.“  The crazy thing about our con­sumer cul­ture is that we so often reverse it.  We use people to get the things we think we’ll love.  How stu­pid.

Time recently ran an art­icle on the chal­lenge:

That’s not the only dilemma faced by this new wave of goal-ori­ented min­im­al­ists. One of the trick­i­er ques­tions is what counts as an item. Bruno con­siders a pair of shoes to be a single entity, which seems sens­ible but still pretty hard-core when you’re try­ing to jet­tis­on all but 100 per­son­al pos­ses­sions.

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1 thought on “100 Items or Less

  1. Anonymous

    I have over 100 pairs of shoes – it could be a very dif­fi­cult task for me.

    All cheapy shoes mind you i.e. I’m no imedla mar­cus

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