The Meaning of Life. No, Seriously!

This is what star­ted it all. By bring­ing some inter­est­ing philo­soph­ic­al ques­tions to the table, this dis­cus­sion got me ser­i­ously think­ing about what impact not fol­low­ing a struc­tured and con­tinu­ous per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment plan can have on both my qual­ity of life and that of the world dir­ectly around me.

The FAQ on the Mean­ing of Life is an inter­est­ing concept and con­tains ideas from many diverse schools of thought. How­ever, it’s not writ­ten for a wide audi­ence: a sci­ence back­ground – and spe­cific­ally, one in com­put­ing – is bene­fi­cial, pos­sibly required, to under­stand the con­cepts dis­cussed.

So what is The Mean­ing of Life? I won’t spoil it, but suf­fice to say that it’s not actu­ally 42, and the Tech­no­lo­gic­al Sin­gu­lar­ity will be the key moment in the evol­u­tion of our world.

Lam­bast­ing nan­o­tech­no­logy and advoc­at­ing intel­li­gence enhance­ment through an increase in research of both Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence and Transhuman­ism, it’s an inter­est­ing and thought-pro­vok­ing read wheth­er you believe none of the con­clu­sions, some of them, or believe it devoutly…

If we could recon­fig­ure our neur­ons and upgrade the sig­nal propaga­tion speed to around, say, a third of the speed of light, or 100,000,000 meters per second, the res­ult would be a factor-of-one-mil­lion spee­dup in thought. At this rate, one sub­ject­ive year would pass every 31 phys­ic­al seconds.

The FAQ raises some inter­est­ing ques­tions and will make you ques­tion – if only for a moment – where you’re going wrong (if you are at all) and what you can improve (if any­thing). The most import­ant thing is that it makes you think.