Books That Will Induce a Mindf**k

Try­ing to keep this site fam­ily-friendly (bring the kids… I’ll play with them) I thought a couple of aster­isks would come in handy for my most recent find:

The den of iniquity that is Everything2 (I waste spend way too much time there) has a pearl of wis­dom in Pseudo­mancer­’s Books That Will Induce a Mindf**k.

By this it means books that give you thoughts so divine and per­fect, they could almost be described as car­nal. They excite you, they turn you on, they make you think bey­ond your present beliefs, they make you change your panties. I’ve read a few on the list, all of which I would recom­mend… a good list to look into, maybe?

(Above I’ve linked to the print­able ver­sion of this page. I’ve done this as it was the only ver­sion I could find that gave me the full list!)